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Work Experience

The published works delve into critical aspects of Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Emotional Intelligence, offering insights into nuanced dimensions of workplace dynamics. Emphasizing themes such as Employee Wellbeing, Workplace Spirituality, and Happiness at work, these publications contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding organizational studies. This collection invites readers to engage with a scholarly perspective on contemporary challenges and opportunities within the professional landscape.

Major work experience

More than 22 years of experience in teaching, training & research

  • Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 2022 to till now.

  • Associate Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, From 2013 to 2022

  • Assistance Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 2007 to 2013

  • Scientist-C: DIPR, DRDO, Delhi, 2006 to 2007

  • Scientist-B: DIPR, DRDO, Delhi, 2002 to 2006

  • SRF: DIPR, DRDO, Delhi, 1997 to 2001

  • Visiting Faculty: Indian Institute of Management Indore, July-September 2015

  • Adjunct Faculty: Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, January-March 2018

  • Associate Faculty: Executive MBA-Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, 2012-13 Batch.

  • Associate Faculty of Parth Ghosh Leadership Academy, IIT Kharagpur

Research Guidance at Masters Level

MTech in HRDM IIT Kharagpur (As Supervisor)

  1. Mr. Rahul Raj (2009). Employee Satisfaction Survey & Stay / Exit Interviews – Tools for Employee Retention. Report submitted to Dept of HSS, IIT, Kharagpur

  2. Mr. Ture Rameshwar Shivadas (2009). Impact of Organizational Climate on Motivational Beahviour and Organizational Effectiveness. Report submitted to Dept of HSS, IIT, Kharagpur

  3. Mr. Pradip Kumar Nayak (2010). Performance Appraisal System in Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited, Orissa. Report submitted to Dept of HSS, IIT, Kharagpur

  4. Mr. Soutik Roy (2010). Human Resource Practices in Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited, Orissa. Report submitted to Dept of HSS, IIT, Kharagpur

  5. Mr. Kishore Kadam (2011). Mapping Emotional Intelligence of Executives of Jayshree Textiles, An Unit of Birla Group, Howrah District, West Bengal. Report submitted to Dept of HSS, IIT, Kharagpur

MHRM, IIT Kharagpur (As Supervisor)

  1. Ms. Neha Agarwal (2012). Impact of Affect and Emotional Intelligence on Psychological Wellbeing and Employee Engagement

  2. Ms. Neha Agarwal (2012). Exit Analysis and Organizational Development. A project of Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, Raigargh

  3. Mr. N. Pandu Rangam (2012). Workers Opinion Survey and Organizational Development: A Study of Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, Raigargh

  4. Mr. Krishna Vamsi (2013). Revamping Automation of Careers Section-ING Vysya Bank

  5. Ms. Ritika Tiwari (2013). Social Media Hiring - Trends in India

  6. Ms. Ritika Tiwari (2013). Job Analysis of Executive Assistants of PwC India

  7. Mr. Gaurav Jain (2015). Job Evaluation and Salary Determination

  8. Mr. Pratik Chakraborty (2015). Employee Attrition in the Indian IT Industry

  9. Mr. Akash Bhatia (2017). Twitter Employee Engagement Campaigns: A L’Oreal Saga

  10. Ms Shefali (2017). A Study of Relationships between performance appraisal and employee performance of employees in the Information Technology industry

  11. Ms Shivangi Gupta (2017). A study of competency mapping of the employees at Artson Engineering Ltd

  12. Mr. Ashish Pathak (2017). Competency mapping and gap analysis at Anand I-Power Ltd

  13. Mr Himansu Verma (2017). Identifying Factors of Employee attraction

  14. Akhilesh Gnaeshrao Wandhare (2019). A Study of relationship between Ethical Climate and Employee Performance

  15. Ankita Chakrabarty (2019). Entrepreneurial Leadership and Conflict Management in Startups: A Study on the Future Techno-managers

  16. Aiswariya Priyam (2019). Impact of Abusive Supervision on knowledge sharing and workplace deviance behaviour

  17. Uzma Hoosain (2019). Green HRM practices in various organizations in India

  18. Anupam Dash (2020). A Study on Multi-generational diversity in workplace 20. Poorva Shirish Chaudhary (2020). Effect of Employer Branding on Employees' Attitude

  19. Thorat Akshay Vijay (2020). Effect of stress, role conflict and interpersonal relationships on work life balance

  20. Sukanya Sensharma (2021). Impact of Organizational Virtuousness on Innovation, Readiness to Change, and Performance

  21. Ayush Agarawal (2021). Impact of Empathy on Supervision Outcomes

  22. Priyanka Barman (2021). A Study on Multi-Generational Diversity in the Workplace.

  23. Pratheeksha Johnz Plasser (2021). Impact of Shared Leadership on Employee Satisfaction

  24. Ratul Majumdar (2021). Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Performance: A relational Perspective

  25. Manish Kumar (2022). A study of Employee Networking Behavior and Perceived Organizational Support and the effects of Emotional Intelligence

  26. Mili Jain (2022). Impact of training & development and performance appraisal on employee performance

  27. Sakshi Agrawal (2022). The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices, Organisational Culture and knowledge Management on Employee Satisfaction

  28. Sankalp Sharma(2022). Measuring the Effect of Occupational Burnout on Employee Performance and Well Being: Mediator Moderation Model

  29. Udit Gour (2022). Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Adoption Of Learning Management System In Organization.

  30. Upashana Upadhyaya(2023). The Impact of Working Space on Workspace Social Capital; Task Productivity; Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Mediating Role of Transformative Leadership 7

  31. Arjit Banik (2023). Role of Emotional Intelligence in Employee Engagement and Employee Performance: Examining the Role of Happiness and Team Communication in Indian IT Industry

  32. Nirmalya Bose (2023). Role of emotional intelligence on employee engagement: Examining the mediating role of work satisfaction and Moderating role of work pressure

  33. K. Sai Pranav (2023). The Impact of Servant Leadership on Corporate Competitiveness and Corporate Sustainability


MSc Economics Dissertation, IIT Kharagpur(As Supervisor)

  1. Mr. Himanshu Singh (Roll No. 12HS20020). Indicators of Happiness, 2016-17.

MBA in HR / Diploma in T & D at IIT Kharagpur (As Supervisor)

  1. Ms Rama Pullabhotla (2009). Impact of Organizational Health on Organizational Effectiveness, A thesis submitted to IGNOU, New Delhi, for award of MBA.

  2. Ms Rama Pullabhotla (2009). Assessments and Evaluation of Training Tools. A project report submitted to Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD), New Delhi for award of Diploma in T&D.

Post Graduate Students of Psychology (Project work and Dissertation/Theses) at DIPR, DRDO, Delhi (As Supervisor)

  1. Ms Dolly. Bansal- Emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness, Jabalpur University, MP, India, 2003-04 (Summer Project).

  2. Ms Dolly Bansal - Stress and job satisfaction among scientists and technical staff in R & D organizations, Jabalpur University, MP, India, 2003-04 (Master Dissertation).

  3. Mr. Dilshad - Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction, Jammia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, 2003-04 (Summer Project)

  4. Ms Nafisha - Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Role Stress, Jammia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, 2003-04 (Summer Project)

  5. Ms Nafisha - Organizational Role Stress among Career Couples, Jammia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, 2003-04 (Master Dissertation)

Summer Intern

  1. Priyasha Panda, Student, XIMB, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, June-July 2016
    Project Title: Purpose, Passion, and Performance: Exploring the nature, structure, and relationships

  2. Survi Binay Bhaskar (Roll No. 12BT10021), B.Tech, Biotechnology, IIT Kharagpur, 2016.
    Project Title: Internet Usage Behaviour among Technical Students: Role of Personality Attributes

  3. Ashritha Bagati, Student, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telengana, India, June-July 2017.
    Project title: Work values and work engagement: An analysis of Millenials’ perception

  4. Pankaj Sutar (Roll No.14HS20042), Dept of HSS, IIT Kharagpur
    Project title: Spending Behaviour of Millenials and their Wellbeing, July-December 2017

  5. Himaja Boinapalli (Stella Marris College, Chennai; May-June 2019).
    Project title: Authentic Leadership in Indian Service Industry

  6. Shreelekha Mahi (Osmania University, Hyderabad; May – June 2019).
    Project title: Impact of Personality, Emotional Intelligence, and Cherishing in Predicting Flourishing of University Students

  7. Dakshi Walia, Central University, Hyderabad, May-June 2019), Ongoing.
    Project title: Applied Positive Psychology

  8. Saumalya Nandi (IISET, Shibpur, Kolkata; May – June 2019).
    Project: Behavioral Dimensions of Consumer and Organizational Buyers

  9. Pravisha Santra (Bethany College, Calcutta University, 2021).
    Project title: Servant Leadership and its Consequences

Members Of Professional Bodies / Associations / Committees

Dr. Pradhan is member of various professional bodies and administrative/Selection Committees/ Boards

  1. Academy of International Business, Regular Member, 2023-2024

  2. Academy of Management, USA, Regular Member, 2018-2019

  3. American Psychological Association, USA, (Affiliated membership, 2007)

  4. International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (Annual Membership, 2010).

  5. International Association of Applied Psychology (Annual Membership), France

  6. National HRD Network (Life Membership No. L/KOL/36328/022013).

  7. Indian Society for Training & Development (Life Membership - P-919/2009 60687 1m)

  8. Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (Life Membership - 661)

  9. Indian Science Congress Association (Life Membership - L13354)

  10. National Academy of Psychology, India (Regular Membership) Since 1998.

  11. Defence Science Forum, DRDO, Min. of Defence, New Delhi, India, 2002-2005 (Executive Member)

  12. National Council Member of ISTD, Kolkata Chapter, 2011-12.

  13. Air Force Selection Board, Mysore, India, June - July, 2007(Member of the Board for Selection of Officer in Indian Air Force.

  14. Best NCC Cadet for Prime Minister Award, 2002-2005 (Member of the Selection Committee)

Selection committee member

  1. Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA)

  2. RAC, DRDO, Delhi

  3. Ravenshaw University

  4. AFSB, Mysore, India

  5. Selection Committee Member of Full Time Lady NCC Officer to Officer Rank of Indian Army, New Delhi, 2004-2005)

  6. Coordinated Language Aptitude Test (LAT) for Armed Force personnel opting for foreign language courses, 2002-2005, New Delhi.

Organizer Of Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposium

  1. Organized One day Workshop on Emotional Intelligence at home , school and work at Ahmadabad University, Gujurat as Pre-Conference Workshop during NAOP-2023

  2. Convener, International Conference On Emerging Issues and Challenges in Global Mental Health and Public Health For the 21 Century during 28-30 November 2022 Organized by National Association of Mental Health and Allied Health (NAMAH) Foundation, at CIMS, Bhubaneswar, India.

  3. Convener, International Webinar Workshop on “HR Challenges during and after Covid-19, 2020” at IIT Kharagpur.

  4. Convener, Symposium entitled as “ Resilience and Well Being at Work: Issues and Challenges”, organized in the 31st NAOP Conference at IIT Bombay, 4th March 2022

  5. Convener, International Webinar Workshop on “HR Challenges during and after Covid-19, 2020” at IIT Kharagpur.

  6. International Advisory Council Member of International Conference of Organization and Management, 2016-2017, Abu Dhabi University, UAE

  7. Organizing Secretary, Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology, 2017

  8. Co-Chair, Technical Committee: 42 National Convention of Indian Society of Training & Development, (ISTD) 2012

  9. Social Psychology (UG & PG)

  10. Industrial Psychology (UG&PG)

PhD./ MSc. Thesis Evaluation

  1. IIT Madras

  2. IIT Bombay

  3. IIT Guwahati

  4. IIM Raipur

  5. NIT Rourkela

  6. MDI Gurgaon

  7. Utkal University

  8. Ravenshaw University

  9. Bharthiyar University

  10. HITS University, TN

  11. Lovely Professional University, Punjab

  12. University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

International Visits

  1. Athens, Greece, ICAP, the IAAP Conference, 2006.

  2. Melbourne, Australia, ICAP, the IAAP Conference, 2010.

  3. Stellenbosch, South Africa, For ARTS and IACCP Conference (16-21 July, 2012)

  4. Cape Town, South Africa, for ICP-2012 (22-27 July, 2012)

  5. Paris, France, ICAP, July 2014

  6. Abu Dhabi, ICOM, 21-22, November 2015

  7. Yokohama, Japan, ICP 24-29 July 2016.

  8. Abu Dhabi, ICOM, 19-20, November 2017

Other academic works

  1. Preparation of model question paper for GATE-2021, 2022 (Psychology).

  2. Preparation of Fire Safety Manual for NDMA, New Delhi, 2011-2012.

  3. Question Paper Setter and Evaluation of Answer Sheets for Graduate Examination at Indian Institutions of Industrial Engineering (IIIE), Navi Mumbai, India, 2010-2013.

  4. Evaluation of PhD Thesis of IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, MDI Gurgaon, NIT Bhopal, Central University, Hyderabad, Ravenshaw University, Utkal University, HITS, Chennai, and Sambalpur University.

  5. Evaluation of Master Thesis of many institute and University.

  6. Member, Board of Studies of a number of colleges, institutes, and university

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